The Power of Our Own Voices

The notion of being lucky has always resided within me. As a young girl, I was inspired by Mother Teresa. Organizations such as UNICEF stirred within me the beginnings of a dream to one day reach out and touch people with the same intensity. I would later learn that passion for a cause greater than myself is what drives me.

Life happened, other events and dreams took priority; the feeling of wanting to make a difference was never forgotten.

A forced transition to an unknown country was the force behind a transformation, fueled by participating in the Women Leaders for the World Program in July, 2012. Another version of ME emerged, committed to "paying it forward." Raising awareness about the work being done by the Women Leaders for the World program fulfills my own inspiring challenge: to reach out in support to 100,000 women globally. I will share with you my own definition of "paying it forward," and how I bring this definition to life in daily actions. At times, these actions take me out of my comfort zone. But then I remind myself that is better to have had the courage to try, than to not have tried at all.

Martine Petermanns

March 15, 2013

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Questions for Discussion:

How may you relate to the concept of "not enough"? How and where do you encounter that in your career or personal life? How may you be able to break it down and conquer that barrier?

What is your definition of "paying it forward"? How do you put your definition into small daily actions?

The conversations you dwell in shift the future you live in. How may you spark conversations to shift your future?

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